Questions & Answers

Yacht Charter

Who owns the boats?

The boats are privately owned and PORTWAY manage them throughout the year. Making sure that they are maintained to the highest standard for chartering.

Are the boats insured?

Yes. All PORTWAY’s boats are fully insured. Clients should be aware that they are responsible up to certain amount, which is listed in the price list but the insurance company covers any additional sum. The clients can pay their contribution on arrival by credit card, which they get back at the end of the charter if everything is ok with the boat. In addition to PORTWAY’s own conditions, all charter companies in Turkey must obey the local maritime laws and regulations. The Turkish Coast Guard has authority to check the boat’s papers of the boats at any time and there are fines if anything is missing.

Does PORTWAY provide children’s life jackets, safety nets etc?

PORTWAY provides children’s life jacket and safety net free of charge.

Do PORTWAY’s boats have spinnakers?

It depends on which boat you choose as not all of the boats have spinnakers.

What happens if there is a problem at sea?

We have an inflatable (dinghy) with 50hp engine to service the boats in the Gulf of Göcek and all other places we use our company van, we can nearly reach them everywhere in the cost and we know all the bays restaurant people who are also always ready to help the Portway boats. The clients can reach the base manager on his mobile phone at any time of the day or night.

Do I need to charter all boats for a week?

Call us for any charter needs you may have, regardless of the duration as although our yachts are on a full week’s rental, very occasionally we have last minute availability. Last minute and short rentals are less likely during July and August as this is the high season in the Mediterranean and most operators can fill all their boats with full-week rentals.

Do I have to tip the skipper, and if so what's the normal amount?

This subject is a popular topic of conversation for both skippers and clients! Essentially, tipping is your decision and is purely voluntary. If you do want to tip the skipper for having done an excellent job, then it's customary to pay 5% to 10% of the total charter amount.

What are all the hidden extras - what will I REALLY end up paying?

PORTWAY can give you a breakdown of the costs involved. However, some costs vary as they may reflect changes in the client’s personal choices and itinerary.
The charter fee generally covers Dingy with outboard, gasoline for the outboard, end cleaning, bed linen towels, cooking gas… transit log fee and if required transfer and skipper is extra. Beyond this, the major costs are provisioning (most can now be done easily online or when you arrive in Göcek, and during your charter period) and mooring fees. (We can provide estimates of mooring fees, depending on your itinerary.)

Yacht Charter Management

What type of Yacht is best for me?

If maximizing charter income is at the top of your list you should choose a well-known yacht brand, such as Bavaria, Beneteau or Jeaneau.  PORTWAY can advise you on the income and expenses you can expect from different boats and how they would fit in with PORTWAY’s fleet.

When is the best time to buy a Yacht?

Bookings for PORTWAY’s yachts starts at the end of the previous year, so the earlier we can advertise it for the summer season the more time is available for marketing.

When and how frequently can I use my boat?

Of course, as it is your boat, you can use it whenever you wish but if you want to maximise your boat’s chartering income it is best to limit your use to periods outside the high season.  PORTWAY will need to know when the boat is not available for charter and by organising your own holidays in advance you can make sure that your boat is available when you want to use it.

For which outgoings does the owner have responsibility?

Boat owner is responsible for the costs involved in lifting-launching the boat, the cost of the charter license as well as the mooring fees, insurance and maintenance.  We can provide you with estimates of year-round maintenance bills. If any substantial work is required (more than £750 or €     TL  ) it is always to be approved by the owner in advance.

When do I receive payment?

Boat owners receive payment at the end of each season.

Yacht owners tax liabilities

You should enquire of your local tax office.

How can owners be sure that charterers look after the yachts?

PORTWAY does everything possible to ensure that the charterer has the necessary expertise and experience to sail a yacht.  Many of PORTWAY’s clients are repeat charter clients and others have attended RYA courses with PORTWAY in the past.

Qualifications are needed to charter a yacht with PORTWAY.  For bareboat charter the skipper needs to hold an International Certificate of Competence.  This can be obtained from the RYA by any British national or UK resident with a Practical Day Skipper qualification.  If we have any doubts about the ability of the charterer to handle the yacht we will assess them on the first day.  If we are not convinced that they are able to handle the responsibilities of being the skipper they are required to hire a skipper for the week or for the first couple of days until they are up to the required standard.

How can I find out more?

Telephone or email PORTWAY to discuss your requirements and to find out more about working together.