we care about PORTWAY respects the environment and takes its responsibility very seriously. As individuals they love the natural world and the company’s business depends on maintaining the quality of the marine environment.

Rules we follow in Turkish waters

In Turkey there are strict rules, which are enforceable, particularly in terms of what can and cannot be put in the sea. Any violation of these rules can result in a hefty fine.

  • No rubbish (particularly plastic or solid waste) should be put into the water. This kind of garbage is particularly hazardous to Sea Turtles who mistake floating plastic bags for jellyfish.
  • It is prohibited to discharge black and grey water waste into the sea. Instead, for a small cost it must be pumped out at a designated pumping station whenever necessary and before returning the yacht to PORTWAY. There is pump station in Marintürk marina, conveniently close to the Portway base.)
  • Only ‘green’ detergents may be used for washing up etc.

PORTWAY is also concerned about the endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtle and supports DEKAMER in its ongoing research and rehabilitation programme at Iztuzu in Dalyan. For further information visit: http://caretta.pau.edu.tr/index_eng.html